Sunday, January 23, 2005

Leaving for Honduras

Tomorrow, I leave. Trying to get last minute chores and packing done. My packing is done in order of priority; first the Immodium, then the sinus meds (my trip to El Salvador last year I had a headache from the pollution and the dust) and books. Great reading time, on the airplane.

Went into the hot tub. 58 degrees out and dropping to 36 tonight. Yes, I'm a wimp. I live in Florida. Once I lived in the wilds of NJ and braved the ice and snow. Now I shiver below 69. But hey, I tolerate the heat.

Going through old files and found a story I had written about Jabari's son and Ramses' daughter falling in love. Posted the first chapter on my web site on the "What's New" section I don't know if I'll ever get this book published, but I do love these characters. Tarik, caught between two worlds; his mother's independent western ways of thought and his struggle to be a strong leader, like his father, the sheikh. Fatima; who's just plain outspoken, and wants to be a warrior. Because she knows she can do it. Just because she's a woman, why should she be held back? I love Fatima's character. Go Fatima, go. Break the rules and prove them wrong. Oh yeah.

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