Saturday, January 15, 2005

Fark it!

Found a delightful web site that features odd and quirky news articles from all over the globe. Some samples:

1) Julian McHahon, who plays a plastic surgeon on NIP/TUCK, is asked all the time by women how their boobs are and if they should get a boob job. Seems they think he’s an expert. (Sounds like a good side business for him. If NIP/TUCK goes off the air, maybe he can open a drive-by Mammary Assessment Center with free hands on exams. )

2) Victoria’s Secret is bringing 1,000 jobs to Licking County. Pending approval by the Licking county commissioners. (Just saying “Licking Country Commissioners cracks me up. One wonders about other businesses in Licking County. KFC: Finger Licking good. Burger King: Have it your way in Licking. Campbell soup: Mmmm, mmmm good, Licking! Timex: Takes a licking and keeps on ticking in Licking! Wendy’s: Where’s the beef in Licking? Avis: We try harder in Licking. Trojan condoms: What a man wants in Licking.)

3) A woman admitted to drinking three glasses of three glasses of Listerine mouthwash in Michigan was arrested for drunk driving. (She may have been drunk, but hey, she gave a blast of freshness to that Breathalyzer.)

4) In Stockholm, Sweden, a landlord says it’s okay for a couple to make noisy love, as long as it’s done in the daytime. Neighbors complained about the couple. Law protects them from being evicted, and the housing project’s marketing director said that “It's comparable with babies having colic.” (Yeah, uh huh. Babies crying from having gas and couples humping like moaning bunnies. Same thing. Poor Sweden. No sex at night but then again, who can tell when it’s night? It’s dark all winter! )

5) French cemetery in Paris fenced off statue of journalist Victor Noir to prevent women from touching his groin. Seems like women like to rub the statue for luck. The statue is lying down and features, “a distinct enlargement in the groin.” (Sheesh. I guess size does matter to men, even when you’re dead. As for the rubbing, sorry ladies. Bad news. When you’re dead, it’s done and there ain’t no bringing it back to life. Not even with Viagra.)


Anonymous said...

Licking County.... Sounds like a Blaze series! LOL.


Bonnie Vanak said...

LOL Suzanne... could be at that. Many possibilities. Toss in marriages of convenience, secret babies, cops, SEALS, sheikhs, etc. "The Licking Brides". "The Licking Cowboy." Thanks for your comment!

bonnie vanak