Wednesday, January 05, 2005

The Bulging Rampant Purple Love Warrior

Trying to think up different names for a man’s private part that won’t sound like purple prose. Difficult. Let's see...

Love Monkey Handle (remember CB radio's? What's your handle?)
Staff of Ra, the god of love muffins (nice Egyptian ring)
Mighty rod of pleasure
tower of power
Cupid’s thrusting arrow of molten heat
Male instrument (What instrument do you play?)
One-eyed snake in the night
One-eyed snake in the day
One-eyed tired snake
Bulging Rampant Purple Love Warrior (that’s purple prose)
Love pole
Stud plunger (Goodness, that sounds like a bathroom product)

Ah… I think I have it now…

The organ men sometimes use to think with…

The brain


Carl said...

Good heavens! That made my eyes fly open! But I don't get to talk at published authors very often.

Bonnie Vanak said...

LOL Carl! No offense to your gender, I was just having fun. Hope your eyes have returned to normal by now!


McVane said...

How about 'jewelled serpent'? That was what the hero referred to his, er, best friend in a harem/pirate historical romance. *blink* Truly, he did. *blink*

Bonnie Vanak said...

Oooooh, jeweled serpent, very different. Hmmmm. If it’s a jeweled serpent, I want diamonds. Forget the paltry rubies and sapphires and emeralds. Besides, diamonds are very hard. And that’s why they are a girl’s best friend. ;-)

Thanks for your comment!