Tuesday, January 18, 2005

All things Hoover

Mara 18 did a kidnapping in Honduras, but police rescued him. He was gagged and tied to a bed in a shack near the capital city. Guy was a legal advisor to the security ministry. Mara 18 and Mara Salvatrucha are the two leading gangs in Honduras. Their turf is the poor slums in the cities, places we are visiting next week.

Listless tonight because DH had another emergency call in the middle of the night, this time for a friend whose electrical panel was sizzling. Maybe tonight no calls? Can I take the phone off the hook? Can we move to a place where there are no phones?

Some guy started a blog called All Things Dunkin Donuts. Donut/celebrity trivia, news from the donut frontlines, etc. Does it because he wanted to share his love of DD with people. Whoa boy… ok, so some people really do need a life. Maybe I’ll start a new blog about the consumer products in my life. Call it All Things Hoover. About the joy of things that suck.


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