Thursday, January 27, 2005

Peligro mujer trabajando

Danger, woman working!

Okay, so we went to another garbage dump today and this was was a little rougher and the guys there were young, doped up glue sniffers who looked tough and just because four of them shouted at us and jumped on the car as we're leaving, pounding on the roof and screaming obsenities at us in Spanish... it doesn't mean I had a bad day.

Today was actually an adventurous day.

We toured around with a great priest who joked with us and has some wonderful projects to help the poor. He promised me he will try to learn English next time and I will learn Spanish so we can talk. He's training young people to take over his projects and run them, all young people from the various communities he works in. The man is a dynamo. We also toured with a great female Episcopal priest who took us to Rincon de Dolores, "The Place of Suffering." I asked why they call it that and got a wise ass answer. In spanish and english.

We suffered as we walked up and down hills for more than 25 minutes looking for a rundown house the woman priest wanted us to see. It was a beautiful day though, hiking through this thick pine forest. The Honduran government has a wonderful policy to prevent deforestation. They give away 2-3 acres of land to the comuneros, (the commoners) who in return, patrol about 5-6 acres of forest, looking for brush fires during the dry season, and anyone who might cut down a tree. We found the house, and the woman was home. She told us she'd rather sleep on the ground outside than inside. She cooks inside and it was smoky and dark and stifling.

Came back to the hotel and took a hot shower to wash off the little red bugs that suck blood and burrow under your skin. I think there aren't any on me. Can't be as bad as the time last year in the DR when red bull ants invaded my suitcase when we were staying at this nun's house. I had to shake out all my clothing. I don't really like having ants in my pants.

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