Monday, January 10, 2005

Romance titles that will never make it

I should be working, but I'm imagining romance titles that will never make it...

The Sheikh & the Tired Prostitute

The Cowboy’s Secret Moody Teenager

Are you my mommy’s sperm donor?

The Bride’s Significant Other

My Sexy Transvestite

Lady Tweedle’s Bunions

The Boring Marquess

A case of herpes to remember

Kiss of the Used Car Salesman

Truck Driver in a Kilt

The Rake & the Hoe

Highland Engineer

The Pirate who never Bathed

The Chinless Duke

The Virgin in Menopause

And last, but not least…

Vibrator of my dreams


Tisha from Texas said...

How about: Who's on the Mound of Venus?
Feeling it up

I don't know, it's early. And I'm on three hours sleep. And I'm the only member of my family without the Rhotovirus, so forgive my stupidity.

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Bonnie Vanak said...

Ooooh, good one! May I add to it?
Pitching on the Mound of Venus.
Pitching a home run on the Mound of Venus
Striking out on the Mound of Venus

sorry to hear your family is sick, Tisha. Hope they feel better soon. Thanks for your comment!

bonnie vanak

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