Thursday, April 24, 2008

Having my cake

Not RT. This was yesterday. It was my birthday and DH spoiled me. He took me out to a very nice oceanside restaurant where I had swordfish *YUM* and then we came home and he had a birthday cake waiting for me. He sent roses to work earlier this week, and gave me a very nice bracelet. The regular party is this weekend with friends.

I had a good birthday... got a massage, spent time at the beach writing, after which I realized I need a new Alpha Smart so I ordered the Neo, which Stacey Klemstein and I tried out at RT and really liked.

RT was great... and I think one big highlight for me was the news that Stacey has gotten an agent. YAY! It's always thrilling when friends and authors you know are very talented have great news to share.

I'm so glad I got to hook up with old friends again... and see people I seldom ever see during the year, Cindy Cruciger (who cracked me up with her shrimp fork joke about MJD) Renee Bernard, Linnea Sinclair, Stacey, and many others.

I did blog for RT, but they never ran my blog, for whatever reason. I had interviewed Ryan Gardener and his girlfriend Pamela. Pamela is very nice and very supportive of Ryan and was there to support him.

It was interesting visiting Lady Barrow's suite. Lovely view, but the pipes were sticking out of the wall where there should have been a wet bar, another reminder that the construction was not done.

For all the hassles with the hotel, I have to say the staff were extremely courteous and very accomodating, at least in my experience.

And having said that... I'll tell you this... I'm now sick. Some upper respiratory infection that has me wheezing and coughing. Thanks, Hilton Hotels, for all your mold and dust...

I'm going offline for a while to try to recover and to play catch up with the writing... maybe if I get very ambitious I'll actually make my goal of writing 5,000 words by Sunday... if I don't cough up a lung in the process, lol.


Stacey said...

Happy Birthday, Bonnie!!!! It was wonderful to see you again, and I really, really want you to come to Orlando next year. : )

oooh, so jealous that you ordered the Neo (and that you're near a beach for writing--I wish!) I really liked what I saw of it. Much bigger screen and easier to read than my current AlphaSmart. Keyboard was MUCH quieter as well.

Let me know how you like it after you've tried it out! Perhaps I shall put it on my Christmas list.

Feel better soon. And thanks for the support. : ) I'm SO excited to have an agent. It doesn't feel real yet, quite honestly.


Paula said...

Happy Birthday and get better soon!

Jennifer Ashley/ Allyson James / Ashley Gardner said...

Happy birthday! What sweet birthday treats from your husband!

Bummer about being sick. :-(

Gillian Layne said...

I missed it--Belated Happy Birthdays, and so sorry about the cold! Feel better soon. :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry to have missed your birthday.

Happy belated B-Day Bonnie!

I hope you feel better soon! Get alot of rest and drink lots of tea/fluids.

Terri W.