Saturday, April 19, 2008


Just a quick post while my brain is trying to awaken.

Yesterday I had chocolate and port (YUM) at Renee Bernard's and Robin Schone's Victorian party. Robin wasn't there due to a family emergency, but Renee demonstrated the "shimmer" effect of port and chocolate. Shaved chocolate on tongue, sip port and let the chocolate melt and you get this "magic moment," Renee told us. "Port is a drink once reserved for men."

Wow. I'll never read another Regency again without knowing why all those men loved their port.

After I tried for two "shimmers" I went upstairs where they were having a baby shower for Isabo Kelly. Stacey Klemstein and Jade Lee was there, Robin Owens and Linnea Sinclair, Judy McCoy and Isabo, who is the nicest person, was opening these cute little baby gifts.

Some of us went to dinner, and after, the piano bar. I thought about wearing my badge I had made up that said, OLD TIRED HO, just point me toward the bar (it went with the RT Virgin badges I had made up as well) but decided against it.

As we're in the bar, talking and talking, Jennifer Dunne arrives and sits in the chair next to our circle. Linnea tells us, "Jennifer yeeps."

Ok. We hear a rumor Fabio has checked into the hotel. Someone joins us from the vampire ball upstairs and we're talking and she says something funny and all the sudden... Jennifer Dunne...


I think she shattered glass in the building next door. I have never heard anyone laugh like an air horn. It was hysterical. It reminded me of Daryl Hannah in SPLASH where she's the mermaid trying to tell Tom Hanks her name in her language.

The whole bar looked over at us.

More talk, Jennifer yeeps again. YEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG, I lost it. It was so damn funny.

Today I'm having breakfast with the Nocturne authors before the booksigning, which is at 10:30. Then after the booksigning is the cover model competition. I met Jimmy Gaskin, who will be modeling Lord Thomas Claradon from THE SCORPION AND THE SEDUCER, on the runway today. Jimmy is very sweet, cute and wanted to know if the costume he'd be wearing would fit the role. He's doing the scene when Thomas is riding through the desert and protecting Jasmine from the assassin stalking her.

I'll try to upload photos, but my connection has been funky here.


Jennifer Dunne said...

Glad I could entertain you, Bonnie. :-) You were great fun to hang out with.

Jaynie said...

I put the yeep on my top moments of RT, too. I love anyone who makes me laugh.