Saturday, April 12, 2008

Free limo with virgin

This is Dolce with the duck I plan to put in my free basket giveaway next week at Club RT. I'm making up a beach bag filled with stuff like flip flops and suntan oil and a towel and other beach stuff, along with some of my books.

Problem is, the duck is not a silent duck. It quacks Freres Jacques.

How am I going to pack a Freres Jacques quacking duck into my suitcase? What if it starts quacking at a bad moment? Will the airline baggage handlers toss out my suitcase, in terror of a quaking duck?

I have tons of stuff to lug to RT. Bookmarks for THE SCORPION & THE SEDUCER.

Cover flats for THE SCORPION & THE SEDUCER. Pens advertising THE SCORPION & THE SEDUCER.

Can you tell that I'll be plugging my newest book?

It's been a crazy, crazy week. Between finally getting the FIL home and settled, and then getting ready for RT next week, doing a newsletter mailing for THE SCORPION AND THE SEDUCER, and this week I was at a two-day marketing seminar for the day job. We looked at advertising, graphics, everything.

At one point we were analyzing an ad for Virgin Atlantic airlines. The ad gave away a free limo ride.

I was so tired that I wrote in my notes, FREE LIMO WITH VIRGIN as I typed on the Alpha Smart.

Then I copied my notes to the other people in my department. Oy.

No writing done at all this week. It's been too hectic. Maybe tomorrow.

In the meantime, I saw over on Ferfe's blog that the temps in Pittsburgh are supposed to dip down to the 30's. WTH? I live in Florida. I do not do cold weather in spring.

I'd go out and buy a ski mask, except I think I may have enough trouble packing the quaking duck in my suitcase, let alone trying to explain packing a ski mask...


Aimee said...

Cute duck! Sounds like a great bag, I wish I could be there for a chance to win it! We live a loooong way from the beach, but I do have a pool :D

At the airport, anything is possible *rolls eyes*

I am very excited to get my mitts on S & S, I know it's going to be a hit!

I had a mental image of the headline "Free Limo with Virgin" on the back cover of GQ or Maxim, can you imagine the looks on the faces of the men reading it? I would guess there would be a LOT of searching for the phone number or website LOL

We have been so late getting our spring, yesterday was our first above 50, no more 30's for me thank-you-very-much!

*snort* at the idea of a talking duck and a ski mask, yeah... Good luck getting on the plane!

Gillian Layne said...

It SNOWED this morning is KC. How twisted is that? I'll pray warm weather heads to Pittsburgh.

I love that duck! My oldest daughter bought me a duck w/fangs from Anita Blake. He sits on my tub.

I want a blow-by-blow account of all the fun! :)