Thursday, April 17, 2008

Cover models

This is Ryan Gardener, one of the cover model contestants for the competition at RT Saturday. I did a "drive by" interview with him today.

He told me, "I'm learning how to smile more."

I blogged about the interview for RT's blog. Will post when it is up.

My room on the 7th floor was so filled with cigarette smoke that I woke up wheezing and miserable. So I asked to change rooms.

They put me in a room filled with mold.

Went to the local store and bought Lysol. Sprayed the room and then went back down. On the way down, met a woman who told me, "My room stinks of smoke. They are hearing from me."

I told her, "Let me guess. You're in room 741." Yup.

Going to the fairy ball in a little bit... last night was the EC party. I'm so confused, lol.

Will post more later.


Kristie (J) said...

But the real question remains - have you hunted down Adrian Paul yet?

Aimee said...

That kid is much cuter than Adrian Paul IMO, I bet his smile is a killer :p

Ugh, I so hate hotels, a necessary evil while traveling though...

How was the EC party? Was there lots of cavemen roaming about?

I hope you got fairy ball piccies, some of the costumes are amazing.

I hope you're having a blast!