Saturday, April 19, 2008

Jimmy Gaskin took second place!

Here he is playing Lord Thomas Claradon from THE SCORPION AND THE SEDUCER. It was pretty cool. The MC read the black blurb as Jimmy did his scene, and they showed my book cover onscreen as well. Yay!

It was pretty funny when Jade Lee's hero was onstage, she was sitting next to me and laughing and laughing as they read the back blurb.

The competition was a lot of fun. I was standing in line with two booksellers when Diane pulled me out because Dorchester had reserved seats right up front for our authors. So I went in and sat right behind the judge's table. And I got to meet BERTRICE SMALL! She was a judge... omg, it was so cool. I've corresponded with her and she had given me a quote for my book, THE TIGER AND THE TOMB, and wanted to meet her, but the booksigning was too crowded and I was too busy.

She told me, "I love your books."

OMG, what a great compliment! I have a photo of Jade, Bertrice and me I'll try to upload later.

The competition was not started yet when Bobbi Smith yanks me and Jade and Marjorie Liu outside and we're standing there and find out that they needed 10 women to be "extras" in the show with the contestants. Marjorie and I look at each other and shrink back and we're like "uh, uh, goodbye!" I'm much too shy and have stagefright to get on stage. So we sat back down and got lots of pictures instead, lol.

Now it's the Dorchester private party for booksellers. Lots of people are at the cover model reunion, where Adrian Paul is supposed to be, and yes he is here, I met a guy who rode down on the elevator with him. I just want to see him, even if it's from a distance. Sigh...

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Aimee said...

Ugh, I wish I was therrrrrrre!
So many beautiful men, AND the authors that move us? Heaven :)