Saturday, April 19, 2008

Who turned off the lights?

Book Fair is OVER. My eyeballs are drier than the Sahara.

It was a lesson in making lemonade out of lemons.

The day started great with having breakfast with Patrice Michele, Caridad Pineiro, Vivi Anna, Rhyannon Byrd and Pam Palmer, my fellow Nocturne authors. We chatted about everything, and then took photos and went to get ready for the signing.

I get into the ballroom and I see authors whose names are so familiar to me, like JR Ward, and many others. I stopped to say hello to Leigh Greenwood, one of the few men here besides my editor who isn't a cover model.

I really wanted to stroll the aisles and do the squee! fangirl thing with authors like Mary Balough and Mary Jo Putney (sigh!) and Betrice Small, who had given me a great quote for my second book, THE TIGER & THE TOMB. But there was no time because...

There was a little problem with my books. (insert sarcastic note here)

I found out that THE SCORPION & THE SEDUCER, my brand new book... was there. BUT... for some reason, the bookseller refused to sell it because of something, I forget what.

I also had THE FALCON & THE DOVE, my very first book, that Dorchester went back into print on. Again, the bookseller could not sell it.

Instead I had The Sword & the Sheath and my Nocturne, The Empath, for sale.

I was pretty floored... and let me tell you... having Dorchester people like Diane Stacy, Erin, and Renee are three very good reasons I'm glad I write for them. They were so accomodating and helpful.

Diane told me it was up to me. I could give the books away or she could ship them back.

I told Diane I was going to give the books away. Do a BOGO. Buy Sword, or my Nocturne, get a free Falcon or Seducer.

And so that is what I did... and when I saw booksellers, I gave them a free book to give away in their store. I cross promoted. If someone bought a Nocturne, I gave them a free copy of Falcon and I told them I also write historicals. I have six books out in the Khamsin series, so maybe they might get hooked.

It was hugely disappointing to have my new book there and not be able to sell it, but I figured I was damn going to make lemons out of lemonade. And I'm glad I did. I met some very nice people, readers who wanted to meet me, which is always great, and I gave away free books.

This is a crazy business... and sometimes crazy things happen way beyond your control. So I try to make the best of them. Other authors sold out. I guess you might say I gave out, lol

And while the 3-hour book fair is going on, I see John DeSalvo across the aisle from me. I asked Erin and Diane for a favor.

And I have a photo of John holding a copy of The Falcon & the Dove, my very first book, and the one where he was the cover model. He signed the book.

I'm going to sign it as well and give it away in a drawing on my website or Fresh Fiction to one lucky reader.

Lemons out of lemonade.

At exactly 2 p.m. the lights went out. Literally. The entire ballroom of 300 or so authors went dark.

Everyone went OOOOOOOO!!!

I just laughed my ass off, and kept laughing and laughing. What a perfect exclamation point to the ending of this event.

Then everyone takes out their cell phones to see and some of us are waving them around like it's a rock concert. Too funny.

I'll post pictures if I get a better internet connection. Cover model competition is in an hour or so, and I definitely need to be there.

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