Thursday, October 12, 2006

Valium & writer's block

Tia is okay. I’ve got such a wonderful, caring vet (thank you God!) He gave me Diazepam (Valium). For her. I had to obtain it at the local pharmacy. He wrote the script for me and added (for Tia). The pharmacist labeled it: Bonnie Vanak: Take two daily for reduction of anxiety. This drug may also be used in treatment of alcohol reduction.

I looked at the instruction sheet and quizzed the dog. She was panting and made these little “hee hee” noises.

Me: Tia, are you pregnant, breast-feeding or could you possibly be pregnant?
Tia: hee, hee

Me: This can be used to treat alcoholism. Are you dipping into the Myers rum?
Tia: hee, hee

Me: Well, I think you’ll be okay now that the vet visit is over. BTW, was that rather large deposit you made outside the vet’s door an opinion?
Tia: hee, hee

Now that I can rest a little easier about Tia, I have to address the other major concern this week: Writer’s block.

Happens to everyone, but this week it’s a concrete barricade. Writing is challenging as I write for the day job AND I write romance novels at night.

At work writer’s block presents a real problem, because I have projects Due NOW. So I surfed the ‘net for writing inspiration sites.
Found this one. Definitely not applicable to a corporate work environment. Like these suggestions:

Turn on some music and dance naked for a few minutes. (Dress code violation)

Pick something around you, like the telephone, lamp, or pen. Talk to it and tell it how much you appreciate having the electricity to turn it on (Another HR violation: “Bonnie, why are you talking to lamps? If you insist, then do it on your lunch hour.”)

Add strong smells to the room. (Do my co-workers cube farts count?)

Look at bold and bright colors for a few minutes. (Pretty, pretty, PRETTY! RED-RUM! RED-RUM!)

Write an e-mail to a friend to tell him or her what you want to accomplish. If you are stuck, say so and ask for help. (Dear co-worker, I can’t finish this project so since I have more seniority, I’m passing the buck to you. Oh, if you refuse, I'll tell how you’re the one who put Oreo crumbs on the boss’s keyboard, ruining his Powerpoint presentation.)

Hire a virtual assistant to do some typing so that you can stay focused on writing. (Hmmm, I want a virtual cabana boy clad in an electric blue Speedo, oiled, glistening abs, pec and biceps, typing away as I dictate copy about how many children in Haiti die each year before their 5th birthday. No, make that a real cabana boy. Yeah. That’s it. That’s it. I’m done. Block over. Good-bye)


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