Monday, October 23, 2006

Cold as Ice, brilliant!

Busy weekend. Bought AND read Cold as Ice. Amazing how I manage to sneak in reading time. Read it in the car on the way to Jupiter . Read for 45 wonderful, precious minutes at Blowing Rocks nature preserve, a serene stretch of 75 acres of preserved shoreline, not a single towering condo in sight. I was filling the well, as Julia Cameron calls it. Then we had dinner with my friend, and her positive, bubbling energy was wonderful. How refreshing it was to be around her, and laugh.

Cold as Ice was brilliant. It sucks you in and doesn’t let you go. I’ve never read such a gripping anti-hero before who manages at the same time to be protective. What I liked best was Stuart’s ability was to show the conflict through the dialogue, and Peter’s tenderness through his actions. I keep hoping this book does terrific in sales because as I told DH, it will open doors for publishers to begin publishing very different, even risky, books. Stuart’s book has a hero who can be bisexual to get the job done. That’s risky for a mainstream single title romance, trust me, especially since some publishers won’t even let you write the word “rape” in reference to a character’s past and some readers won’t even pick up a book that has oblique homosexual references.

Plus I admire Stuart as a fellow writer and I sincerely want her to do well. But I was miffed that Books-A-Million only stocked 3 copies (I went to two BAM stores) and annoyed that they failed to stock Black Ice. Barnes and Noble had a very nice selection of Cold as Ice, stocked in the display rack as well as the romance section, but no Black Ice. Damn. I’ll have to order it online. It’s very frustrating for readers when an author has a new book out and very little backlist on the shelves. It’s very frustrating for authors, too, as I know too well from last month when Panther was released and in stores, but The Cobra & the Concubine wasn’t on any shelves.

Worked on my proposal and it’s jelling. I’m excited about how it’s shifted into a story that I CAN get excited about. That’s the best part of writing, when you capture the joy again in creating, and remember why you started writing in the first place. I wrote yesterday morning, then in the afternoon we rode our bikes and went to dinner at a friend’s. I brought a pitcher of rum runners and made everyone very merry. After dinner, we very merrily went to our church’s pumpkin patch. Halloween promises to be fun, especially since we won’t have a 50-foot tree blocking the sidewalk like last year after Hurricane Wilma and hey! We’ll have electricity as well, a very good thing. I think I’ll use a temporary hair dye and do flaming red streaks. Pretty. Like it’s on fire. Maybe someone will try to roast marshmallows over my head.


Toni Lea Andrews said...

Make sure you take a picture with those hair streaks, Bonnie!

Mary Stella said...

I stopped into B&N in Kendall yesterday on my way home after a long weekend in NOLA. I squealed, gleeful, when I spotted Cold as Ice in the New Paperbacks display. Black Ice is one of the best books! I've been dying to read this book and now I am. I read until my eyes wanted to fall out of my head from exhaustion. Guess what I'll read again tonight?