Saturday, October 28, 2006

Size doesn't matter...

Shopping today.

Them, overheard in dressing room:

HER: "Does this dress make me look fat? Oh, it DOES make me look fat!!! Oh MOM!!!!! I'll NEVER get back to a size FOUR!!!!! I knew having that baby would make me FAT!!!!!"

HER's mom: "Dahling, you look boootiful. That red is just GORGEOUS ON you! It's a designer six and it fits just right! It will look booootiful next to Don's tuxedo! And I'll loan you my fur wrap, you'll be a smash at the parhtee! You don't look fat!!!"


Me, to sales clerk as I'm holding a Chris Madden designer lamp next to my never-will-be-size 6 body: "Excuse me, but does this table lamp make me look fat?"

Sales clerk: "Um, er, no."

Me: "Good! I'll take it."


Toni Lea Andrews said...

Don't you HATE people with single digit sizes who insist they are fat? I last saw single digits in junior high.

So here I am in the deep country and all my clothes are wildly inappropriate. But I refuse to shop until I lose more weight. My doctor told me I needed to lose 45 pounds (I've lost 12) and last time I worked at home I lost weight because I wasn't eating at restaurants as often or having ANY fast food. I DO NOT LOOK FORWARD TO DRESSING ROOM MIRRORS.

Bonnie Vanak said...

Hugs, Toni. You're beautiful as you are, but kudos to you for losing 12 pounds!

The last time I saw single digits on anything was when I was a single digit in age, lol.

Today I wore my new pants to work... with the size sticker still on them. Talk about being red-faced. Thankfully the guy who told me is a very nice guy and discreet.

Jennifer Ashley said...

LOL Bonnie. I mostly shop at lush-ladies stores so I'm spared the stick thin people who moan because they're size 8. I long ago decided I'm not going to be ashamed of my body size, and the whole culture of shame about weight is just disgusting. I was glancing through "The Perfumed Garden" the Turkish erotic text translated in the 19th century, and the description of a desireable woman was--me! I don't have the same hair and eye color, but the body description was almost the same as mine. Which shows that standards of beauty are completely relative. We happen to live in a time in which anorexia equals beauty, and then wonder why so many women have eating disorders. I tell ya!