Tuesday, October 17, 2006

One of those days...

So I go home for lunch, dreaming of a cute little wicker chaise, which I have, adorning my writing space. The chaise is outside. DH dragged it out there to put wet laundry over it Sunday, and forgot to bring it in. I'm thinking about dragging it back in when Tiger...

Waltzes up to the chaise, and lifts his leg.

The dog PISSED all over my writing space!

Sheesh. Then I'm driving back from lunch, I circle the corral (parking lot) and there are NO PARKING SPACES. None. I say phhhhfffft, drive to the bank, cash a check and return, and see a lone space about 5 miles away from the building. I walk. I have on my new pedometer that tells me how many miles/steps I've walked, and calories burned.

then I get into the building, all is quiet.

Oh Shit.

Staff meeting. Everyone is in a staff meeting. I forgot.

I remove my shoes, TIPTOE through the hall, put down my purse in my office and tiptoe back to the room to quietly observe the staff meeting from the hall. Someone is talking about feeding the poor.

I go to sit down, hoping no one notices me, and my talking pedometer SCREAMS out ...


Everyone turns around. I'm red-faced.

Hells bells, is this day over YET?!!!

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FerfeLaBat said...

OK that's funny.