Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Tia kept me up half the night because she was feeling uncomfortable, poor baby. I can tell...though she's good at hiding it, usually. She licks her paws and whines a little. It's so damn frustrating because I wish she could "talk" and tell me what's wrong.

Instead I'm left trying to guess. I figured out it was her stomach, gambled and gave her another half of the stomach meds the vet prescribed, and sure enough, an hour later she finally slept. Now I'm glad we decided against the surgery because I honestly doubt she'd have pulled through...and if she did, she'd have a hard time healing. I think the cancer has spread to her intestines, something the ultrasound didn't pick up.

Thought I'd post a link to Ferfela's blog about her interesting post on editors dissing on authors. Be sure to read MJ Davidson's comment...


Toni Lea Andrews said...

When I move at the end of the month, my cats will be able to go outdoors. So Lucy, who is now six months old, will need to be spayed.

I've had several cats spayed over the years, but never felt guilty about it before. But after my recent experience I can't imagine having this teeny little kitty go through it!

FerfeLaBat said...

Do they have morphine for pups? Oxicontin? Something? My cats are both getting up there and I have no idea what I'll do if they pass away. I told them they are not allowed to get old.

Bonnie Vanak said...

Don't worry about the spaying, Toni...the kitty will be okay. I think what you went through is worse!

Ferfela, I just got valium for Tia. I think that will help, thanks.