Monday, October 30, 2006


She's looking as if to say, "Must I wear this stupid thing? Please, please, I thought you LOVED me and you're mocking me. I am a dog. I am not a T-Rex. But if you do not remove this ridiculous costume from me right now, I will show my teeth like a T-Rex. Now go, be a good human and stop this foolishness."

What we do to the pets we love...


Mary Stella said...

I never dress up Moe. Not for Halloween. No antlers at Christmas. Never. This is for his own well being. When he was younger, he would have ripped off the apparel and eaten it.

His puppyhood vet's office used to tie cute bandanas for all occasions around each patient's neck. Moe destroyed his before two hours passed.

Now that he's older, he probably wouldn't chew the things apart, but he'd get that "Oh puhleeeeze" expression to convey that I'm a dumbass human if I think costumed canines are a good idea.

Jennifer Ashley said...

What a cutie. My cat is already in her costume--a black cat. She's lucky. :-)

Bonnie Vanak said...

You're a good pet owner, Mary. I bet Moe could have eaten his way through many costumes.

Jennifer, I like your cat's costume.