Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The perfumed garden's manstick

Jennifer Ashley's comment about reading The Perfumed Garden caught my interest, and here I am at lunch, scanning it for a quick read. The chapter about what a man's manly stalk is named caught my eye.

The Perfumed Garden is lovely, lyrical text. The names of the manstalk are ... interesting. Here you go.

El dekeur, the virile member
El fortass, the bald one
El kamera, the penis
Abou aïne, he with one eye
El aïr, the member for generation
El atsar, the pusher
El hamama, the pigeon
El dommar, the odd-headed
El teunnana, the tinkler
Abou rokba, the one with a neck
El heurmak, the indomitable
Abou quetaïa, the hairy one
El ahlil, the liberator
El besiss, the impudent one
El zeub, the verge
El mostahi, the shame-faced one
El hammache, the exciter
El nâsse, the sleeper
El bekkaï, the weeping one
El zodamme, the crowbar (is there a Jaws of Life?)
El hezzaz, the rummager
El khiade, the tailor
El lezzaz, the unionist
Mochefi el relil, the extinguisher of passion
Abou lâaba, the expectorant
El fattache, the searcher
El khorrate, the turnabout
El hakkak, the rubber
El deukkak, the striker
El mourekhi, the flabby one
El âouame, the swimmer
El motelâ, the ransacker
El dekhal, the housebreaker
El mokcheuf the discoverer (charting new territory)
El âouar, the one-eyed

Okay, enough names. Must go now haul my perfumed proposal to the post office. Happy Halloween!


Toni Lea Andrews said...

Bonnie, when writing my medieval paranormal erotic romance (ACK!) I was researching euphimisms for body parts and ended up with "The Big Book of Filth." There are pages and pages of penis terms. For example, have you ever seen a "purple-headed custard chucker?"

Mary Stella said...

El hamama, the pigeon

Is this how calling it a pecker originated? *g*