Friday, October 27, 2006

From Scrotal Vengeance to Semolina

Horror actress who starred in Scrotal Vengeance miffed because she was left off some Big Hollywood Acting List.

Scrotal Vengeance? Sounds like it could be a romance novel. Or a Jerry Springer show.

“He gazed passionately at her as she held the axe, ready to commit scrotal vengeance upon him for boinking her best friend’s cousin’s mother-in-law’s next door neighbor’s poodle. But she nixed her plan as she lustfully glimpsed his bulging… biceps after he took her into his strong embrace and declared to all that his DNA would be the only DNA invading her love tunnel to become her baby’s daddy.”

In other news… (notice the not-so-subtle transition I’m making here…from scrotal vengeance to white stuff?)

Semolina covers town in white stuff. The Great Yarmouth is cream-oh-wheated.

In other news, I want to head to Ferfela’s for Halloween. She has wine and caramel apples. And the Great Pumpkin. Cool beans. All I have is leftover meat loaf and doggie biscuits.

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