Friday, July 28, 2006

Watch it wiggle

The mike went out and in at the Passionate Ink lunch. Audio. No audio. Raelene, publisher of Ellora's Cave, tried wriggling it. "If I wiggle it might work," she speculated. "It doesn't work with men, well, yes, it does." So she took the mike and wiggled it. It worked.

Luncheon was very good, full house, the only time I've eaten an elegant lunch while listening to advice like, "Two c**ks are better than one" and "menage, menage, menage."

Ann Marie, reviewer from Joyfully Reviewed, said readers want their erotic romance with heroes who are raw, raw emotions, raw in the bedroom. Alpha, alpha, with a strong heroine.

Roberta Brown, agent, quizzed all the houses on erotic romance and the word is sex, sex, sex. Some houses aren't doing lines, like Bantam (heard that in their spotlight), but focusing on developing individual authors who write hot. Other houses, like Kensington, are doing very well with their new erotic romance lines. Kensignton has books scheduled into 2008. Roberta said Berkley Heat and Berkley Sensation are two of their best lines, according to editor Cindy Hwang.

Roberta said she chooses clients whose "sex scenes make me squirm."

Went to the Pan workshop on Squawk radio. Met Lisa Kleypas...I sat next to her mom at the workshop. Her mom is gorgeous, just like Lisa. Lisa is very friendly, very nice.

Have to get ready for the Dorchester dinner now.

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