Saturday, July 08, 2006

A special thanks

To Nieves and Sofia and Eva and Marti, who helped Terciopelo do a book launch in Barcelona for the Spanish edition of THE FALCON & THE DOVE. Thank you ladies!

I deleted my last post because ranting gets you nowhere. And I have more important matters holding my attention.

Tia is holding her own. She started eating again, yay! But she’s really slowed down. This has been a vet-intensive week, with Tia being at the eye doctor’s on Monday and yesterday, Tiger was in surgery to pull a cracked, infected tooth. Now I have two ailing dogs. The good news is I signed up for a very special conference held Labor Day weekend. I'm attending Heather Graham's WRITERS FOR NEW ORLEANS WORKSHOP. She's holding a weekend conference there to pump a little money into the tourist-starved city. I'll be signing copies of THE PANTHER & THE PYRAMID, my first signing for that new book! You still have time to sign up for the conference.
Check it out.


FerfeLaBat said...

Oh mannn!!! I wanna go! Just saw the recent RT. :-( Poo. Yeesh. Sigh.

Bonnie Vanak said...

Oh, plesae! Come, come, come! Gosh that sounds a bit suggestive doesn't it? LOL

You MUST come to NO! It would be a blast. I'm going with an author friend and we're rooming together. We'll need your humor and wit in NO!

Anonymous said...

New Orleans, hmmmm? Wonder if I can persuade hubby to go visit his family?

Glad to hear Tia is holding her own. Give her an extra hug from me, Elmo, and Mindy.


Nieves said...


I was a bit worried for her, but now I'm sooooo glad Tia is eating again, what a brave little sweetie she is!

Thanks to you for the words you sent for the launch, it was very considerate and wonderful and generous of you. And it was a real pleasure to make the launch! I just hope you can be here the next time...:)

A veeery big hug,


FerfeLaBat said...

Dave Says I can go. Gotta check the calendar and see what's on for that weekend if anything. Got enough FF miles for a ticket.

Bonnie Vanak said...

Yes Janet! Come to NO! It will be great fun!

Yay Cindy! You MUST come with us. Find the time.

Hey Nieves! Thanks for stopping by. Yes, it's good Tia is doing much better. One day at a time!