Saturday, July 22, 2006

RWA: Spanish edition of my book

Got my hair done this a.m. Thought about going bald and tatooing my September book cover on my skull, decided against it. Got highlights instead. Less painful.

Then I did something very painful. I shopped. At JC Penney's. On the day Florida has tax-free purchases of clothing and shoes. I bought a business dress and stood in a line longer than the luncheon one will be for next week's rubber chicken fiesta at National.

Did get a nice surprise yesterday. Dorchester sent me copies of El Halcon y la Paloma. My first Spanish book! I was surprised at how large it is, trade paperback size. I got so excited.

The dedication was taken from the original English version of "Falcon." To my mom and dad, who taught me to dream, and to Frank, my husband, who kept the dream alive.

My parents taught me to dream, esp. my mom, who was a true romance junkie. When they died, Frank kept my dream of being published alive, encouraging me when I was ready to quit, telling me to hold onto the dream because it would come true some day.

It did for me. And it will for many others as well. Part of me next week will be grinning inside with secret delight, knowing that today's unpub's are tomorrow's debuts. They too, will see their dreams fulfilled. When it happens to someone I know, I feel like a proud big sister. I remember how exciting it is. And their enthusiasm spills over, like water, refreshing me.

I'm taking a copy of my Spanish book to National so I can remember the dream, how I longed to become published, and how hard I worked to get here. My Spanish edition of Falcon will be like a small torch, burning brightly, keeping the dream alive.


Shelley Munro said...

Bonnie - following a dream is a great thing! It's how I became an author :-)

Have a wonderful time at the conference. I'm so envious since I couldn't make it this year.

Bonnie Vanak said...

Hey Shelley! I'm glad you followed your dream as well, and saw it come true.

Bummer you can't make it this year! Hope to see you at a future conference soon!