Friday, July 21, 2006

RWA, find the muse

One reason, actually, the main reason, I'm attending RWA is to indulge a very special person. My muse.

She's been elusive lately, darting here, there, arriving at inopportune moments, such as when I'm at work. Then she'll appear, just as I'm penning a story about a mother who wants to kill herself just so she can't hear her baby cry anymore from starvation. And I'll get a flash of insight that has to do with Egyptian warriors or werewolves or odd sexual positions.

Don't ask why. Maybe it's a defense mechanism, that when I'm writing stuff that is so sad, and I've been so sad myself lately because of Tia, that my brain rebels and says, UNUSUAL SEXUAL POSITION. YOU CANNOT BE SAD WHEN YOU WONDER, HOW THE HECK CAN THEY DO THAT WITHOUT PULLING A LIGAMENT.

My muse has been sad lately too because I haven't nurtured her. Working FT, being an author with a book coming out in September and having a dog with cancer has sucked away my brain cells and my energy. At home, there are distractions. Like this morning. DH gets up at 5, so I'm awake as well, and use the computer. I'm set to drift back to bed for a blissful hour of snoozing until I have to get ready for work...when I hear him yell from the kitchen.


There are ants streaming in and out of the dog's food bowl. Distraction Number One:Killing mission. I'm groggy-eyed and tired, and killing ants because he's running late for work.

At RWA, there will be no ants in the dog's food bowl. There will be workshops by authors I admire, like Susan E. Phillips, who inspired me to write the book that got me published. There will be synergy, I hope. And if I can manage to keep those godawful demon doubts at bay, which can really kill your muse, I might walk away feeling energized, ready to write, and my muse content and ready to whip me into submission.

Whip? Submission? Note to self: Check out what's happening in the erotic romance market.

Did find out very useful safety advice. Elizabeth Sinclair passes this along about the Atlanta Marriot: "Do NOT wear your name badge outside the hotel. It's an invitation to criminals looking for the 'tourists.'...And from the concierge at the Marriott -- Do NOT go outside alone or in asmall group after dark. Concierge is recommending groups of 7 or MORE." It's not a safe area after dark. Yikes.

I noticed other RWA attendees are concerned about what to wear. The fashion police will be there, critiquing clothing. It won't be like RT, where I breezed through the lobby wearing my white shorts and T-shirts. I do hope Linnea is bringing her martini sweater again, though. Love that sweater. How many pieces of clothing can you wear that are both cute fashion statements and a declaration of what you like to imbibe?

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