Friday, July 28, 2006

Market glut

The very elegant and lovely Pamela Clare at the KOD party. Pamela was nominated for a Daphne award for her book, EXTREME EXPOSURE.

Met with an agent and the news is the market is glutted with paranormals. Werewolves, vamps, are piling over on editors' desks. You have to be very, very good and stand out from the crowd. Editors are still asking for RS, contemps and England as a setting for historicals, which are making a comeback.

Danced at the sports bar last night with the RBL gals after the KOD chocolate bash. The RBL gals are a blast, Wow, those girls can party! Wish I had their energy! They sang "Like a Virgin." Not only can they dance, they can sing, too!

Going to try to make the Warner spotlight today. Not sure if I'll make it. I need coffee. Gallons.

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