Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Blair, my evil twin, has good news. Ellora's Cave is releasing CAPTIVE MATE the first week of December. CAPTIVE MATE is Blair's werewolf erotic romance. Here's a blurb:

Marcus was Omega, lowest in the wolf pack, who fought other males for the right to mate with Alyssa, the pack heiress. Alyssa craves Marcus’ muscular body, his animal heat when he takes her. Though she burns for her mate, and longs to lie beneath him, she will not surrender to being his. The secret love child of a werewolf and a human artist, Alyssa knows if the pack discovers she’s not purebred, they will destroy her. She runs off to become a waitress in Santa Fe when Marcus leaves the pack to fight vampires.

Six years later, Marcus returns home to rule the pack and claim Alyssa once more. Alyssa aches for his caresses, but fights him even as he imprisons her in the sensual world of the werewolf. Marcus knows he must protect Alyssa from the pack discovering her secret. Only the legendary werewolf bonding orgy, in which she’ll show submission to ten of the strongest males, can protect her. In the end he will force Alyssa into acknowledging her passionate wild side… and surrender to her sensual nature as his captive mate.

Is it bad taste to promote my other writing self, the one who writes about sexy werewolves? Should I do it tongue-in-cheek with a twist of humor, like
Sherrilyn Kenyon did? That cracked me up. SK, btw, will be the keynote speaker at my RWA chapter's writing conference in February. I can't wait! She's so sweet when you meet her, very humble and very friendly.

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