Saturday, July 29, 2006


Dorchester dinner was terrific last night. A Polynesian setting. A bunch of us authors chipped in and got Leah an engagement gift. She's so sweet...and got teary-eyed over her Mai Tai. :-)

I finally got to meet Carolyn Jewel, who is very nice and very friendly. Always wanted to meet her after reading her blog. And Sandra Schwab, who lives in Germany. Virginia Farmer was there, Marjorie Liu, Marianne Mancusi and Joyce Henderson. And Patti O'Shea, whom I always enjoy chatting with. After we went to the bar and hung out. I talked with Susan Squires, her hubby Harry, Melanie Jackson, and of course the ever bubbling Cindy Holby who knows how to entertain.

I'm chilling in my room until it's rubber chicken time... have another nasty sinus headache. Hotel air. All the publisher spotlights I made yesterday weren't very informative, they mainly talked about their authors. More and more I get the impression that if you write a book that really catches an editor's eye, don't worry about the market glut. If it stands out from the crowd, that's what matters. What one editor loves another will reject.

SE Phillips said (or was it Jayne Ann Krentz? My head hurts too much) that it's harder to get an agent than an editor. They had great advice... find the editorial assistant in the house you're targeting and address your submission to her. Today's editorial assistant is tomorrow's editor, and she's very very hungry. She gets to read from the slush pile, so an envelope addressed to her will draw her attention immediately. How do you find out their names? Google. Research.

Me, I'd ask around at conferences. Listen. That's what conferences are for, to glean info, and that info isn't always doled out at workshops. Find a friend, a chapter mate, someone who knows and quiz them. Sometimes you learn a lot more from just hanging around and listening than from talking.

DH called this morning. I miss him so much. And the dogs. Tia is doing fine, which is a big relief. Part of me just wants to go home, curl up on the couch with him and cuddle and hug my fur babies. But the RITA awards are tonight and I want to see Linnea win at least one. She must. She's a terrific writer who is going places and right now I want to see her go on that stage and get that RITA. From small press and e-published to a RITA nominee, that's a story of hard work, drive and success.

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