Sunday, July 30, 2006

More pix!

Here's the RBL gang at the sports bar after the Rita ceremony/reception was long over (notice Gennita in her casual attire)

Here's Gennita Low in tres elegant dress for the RITA awards... saw her earlier in a Braves baseball cap (she went to the game)

Here's Diana Love Snell and Alesia Holliday with their Ritas!

RWA had a big reception after the awards ceremony, which included lots of chocolate (which I never got to sample, I was running amok)

Hung out with my chapter members after... a few of us are giving ourselves a new name in the tradition of a writing "gang" like the wet noodle posse.

Can't give out the name, it's a secret. ;-)

Tomorrow is breakfast, and leave, heading south again. Wow, what a conference...

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