Thursday, December 29, 2005

My writing is changing

Looking over the kinky werewolf story I'm writing, and browsing through my next Leisure release, THE PANTHER & THE PYRAMID, I'm left with one unmistakable conclusion.

My writing is definitely changing. For the better? I don't know. Honestly.

The werewolf story is funny, very sexy, kinky and imaginative, but light. Like hot chocolate with marshmellows, with a serving of leather and restraints.

PANTHER is very sexy (they have sex in the first chapter), but very dark and intense. Graham, the hero, is my most tortured, and favorite hero to date. PANTHER is a thick, heavy brew, a pint of Guinness served in a dark Egyptian watering hole by a handsome, brooding bartender with haunted eyes and an air of mystery.

I cried at one point while writing PANTHER. Graham does things that aren't very nice. But out of all my heroes, he deserves, and needs, love the most. I just wanted to hug him and reassure him all would work out well in the end. All the while I was emotionally torturing the poor bastard.

One of my favorite scenes is where he delivers Badra's baby and he looks into the red, squalling face of his new nephew and feels like he too, is being born. It's an intimate connection he cannot break, and he vows to do anything to protect that child.

I'm like Graham right now. I need a new beginning. The New Year. A fresh start, a chance to begin. Shed the old and forge ahead with the new.

I have another Leisure book due in April. That book is pretty much set on its course.

And after that? I don't know what direction my writing will take me.

But trying to restrain my writing would be like roping the wind. Instead, I'll hoist my creative sails and let it take me where it will. Maybe I'll sail to exotic lands and great destinations. Or I'll hit stormy seas and wreck on the shores of an island called REJECTION and have to sit there for a long while, my muse and me.

Wherever I go, it's going to be a grand adventure. I hope so.

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