Thursday, December 15, 2005

Conversations at Publix

Went to Publix last night to get groceries. Took off yesterday to get the tree stumps ground, and write. The werewolf story is getting kinky. Decided to add a bit of BDSM. I’ve no knowledge of BDSM, so I looked some stuff up on the ‘Net. Fascinating. My mind reeled.

Then I went to Publix… and ran into a friend.

Her: “Hey there! You look a little preoccupied.”
Me: “I’ve been writing.” And thinking about BDSM, you know, handcuffs, whips, chains, stuff like that.
“So what are you two doing for Christmas?”
Me: “Oh, the usual. Cooking a big turkey dinner, you know.” And maybe convince DH to try some leather restraints while I wear nothing but a frilly white apron? Ho, ho ho?
How’s the insurance struggle doing?
Me, vaguely: “Not too good. Agent is delaying our claim by research.” Maybe I should try some of that BDSM stuff on him. Put a nice collar on him, some leather, while I get that cute little, what do they call it? Oh yeah, the flogger. Send him crawling through the neighborhood, screaming, “YES MISTRESS, I WILL PAY ALL CLAIMS ON TIME. YES, MISTRESS, I WILL DO AS YOU SAY!”
“Have to get more shopping done tonight. I have my list of things to get, presents to buy. ”
Me: “Yeah, I know how it is.” Santa Claus, can you bring me some furry handcuffs and a whip for Christmas? I’d like to be naughty, not nice.
Her: “Well, I’ll let you go. Hate to tie you up.”
Me, trying not to smirk : “Well, actually, now that you mention it…”


FerfeLaBat said...

I have heard much weirder stuff at Publix. Hang out by the sushi.

Mary Stella said...

Bonnie, that's hysterical!