Monday, December 12, 2005

Dear Larissa

Did you hear me scream all the way up there in Washington?

I'm sure you did. Remember that ungodly shriek you heard on Saturday at 3 p.m.? That wasn't an air siren. But me, down here in sunny south Florida.

I'm writing you this letter on my blog because I know what you have endured with insurance woes, FEMA woes and all the nightmares you have suffered since Hurricane Katrina hit your home. You've been there. Done that. Let me explain that shriek you heard on Saturday.

I had just returned from a wonderful RWA chapter meeting and party and was working on an essay about my mom for a newspaper contest my friend Mary Stella told me about. It's a pretty emotional essay. Usually I keep this "secret writing" to myself, but I wanted others to know what a special and unselfish person Mom was. This weekend it will be ten years since she died.

Editing the essay was very emotional enough. I had to stop because I was crying.

So as I am wiping my face, the doorbell rings. It's the insurance adjustor.

Seems we had so much damage, we have to fill out MORE paperwork. The process starts over again. No signs of a check.

That's when I screamed.

Dear Larissa, did you hear another scream yesterday morning as well?

That's when I opened the paper and saw this story in the Sun Sentinel.

The story about how FEMA reimbursed a vascular surgeon $826 for a generator he bought, a surgeon who lives in a $1.1 million home, while a poor woman who has lupus and diabetes and is on oxygen, and couldn't afford a generator, was told by a FEMA worker to go to the hospital if she runs out of oxgyen. The woman couldn't get reimbursed because she couldn't afford a generator. She told the reporter she tried not to get upset so she wouldn't breathe as much and therefore, conserve her oxygen.

We filed for FEMA. We filed because my husband worried the insurance won't cover all our damages. FEMA told us, sorry, you don't have enough damage. You have insurance, as well.

Insurance told us, sorry you have too much damage. We need to investigate further.

Are you hearing an odd, high pitched scream right now all the way up there in chilly Washington?

Yup, it's me. Screaming again.


FerfeLaBat said...

What doesn't kill us makes us stronger.

Chocolate helps.

Bonnie Vanak said...

What doesn't kill me makes us want to kill others.

Death by chocolate. Ha ha ha!