Tuesday, December 06, 2005

My roof is leaking, thank you hurricane Wilma!

Well, the dreaded ROOF LEAK is here...

Sitting in the family room and it's raining outside, a gentle rain, mind you... and I hear the drip drip drip... the leak is INSIDE the wall... which means the water will pool on the floor inside, then leak through and ruin the carpet...

DH can't even get on the roof to look at it or try to put a tarp up there because it's supposed to rain all freaking week!!! More damage from Wilma, thank you very much. The leak isn't in the place where the tree went through the roof. I think another branch dented the roof and we didn't catch it...

We need a new roof. Fast. We signed up with The Home Depot. Waiting time for a new roof?

Four months, minimum!!!

Sigh... I'm trying so hard to get into the Christmas spirit. But this year, it's real hard. Real hard.


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