Monday, December 12, 2005

Does she take the dummy to bed?

And if she does, what's he like? Probably the strong, silent type. LOL!

Sorry, I can't help but wonder. I mean, when you read a story like this, you have to wonder. This poor military wife takes the dummy hubby to dinner, out shopping, because she misses her hubby who is serving in the Navy. She even takes him to Victoria's Secret. But... does she go to bed with him?

The dummy is a silent type, I guess. Not very talkative at dinner, just sits there. You know, like a real man. But at least he can't complain about her running up the charge cards when they shop. Does he give her advice on what kind of lingerie to wear when they shop together at Victoria's Secret? Did she buy him kinky thongs with a little bow-tie in the front?

Come on, US NAVY, give this Navy husband leave! This poor wife... whoa boy. Six weeks. At least! Do you want this guy, who is serving our country, to get a "Dear John, I've left you for a real dummy" letter?

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Mary Stella said...

I saw that story on the news and couldn't believe it. I can imagine doing that for one day as a funny, spirit-lifter to send to my husband. But all the time?? I don't think so. Not for me, anyway.