Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Mary Stella and Nancy Cohen tagged me for a book meme.

1) The first romances I read were by Dorothy Eden in the early 1970’s, including Crow Hollow. No sex, just gothic thrills. Hey, I was only 10 years old.

2) I learned part of the Greek alphabet by reading Brave New World, where human beings are produced into different classes of intelligence. Now that there are hurricanes named after the Greek letters, I can’t get the images from that book out of my mind. I picture a Hurricane Alpha as being the biggest, most powerful storm, while Epsilon should be this wimpy, lower life form storm that doesn’t know what direction to take.

3) A book that deeply disturbed me, and to this day, I can’t read, is Lord of the Flies. I know it could be true.

4) The first sexy romance I read was The Flame & the Flower. I asked mom, “What’s a manhood?” No reply.

5) I learned my love of romance from my mom. She was a romance addict and kept the hall linen closet stacked with books. I found her stash when I was cleaning the closet, sat down on the floor and started reading.

6) I read a lot of romance when I travel for the day job because the romance balances the suffering and misery I see in Haiti and other poor countries. Sometimes I’ll take three or four books with me on a trip. The sexy covers don’t embarrass me. One time I read Sandra Hill’s Sweeter, Savage Love with the half-naked John DeSalvo cover… on a bus filled with priests and nuns!

7) I’m on a quest to find books I read and loved as a child. My first book just arrived. It’s Apple Tree Cottage by Virginia F. Voight, a story set in 1842 of a family who travels in their caravan.

8) I love reading Stephen King. I was addicted to his books when I was a teenager because he was such a terrific writer and great storyteller as well as being able to scare the dickens out of me. I recently found a hardcover copy of Thinner, the book he wrote as Richard Bach.

9) In addition to reading very steamy romances, I enjoy reading sweet romances that have great sexual tension. When the love scene arrives, it makes it even more special.

10) My biggest nightmare is an ignorant world without books, like Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury.

11) I miss the big, thick historicals Avon used to publish by Laurie McBain (you and I have something in common, Mary Stella!), Kathleen Woodiwiss and Rosemary Rogers.

12) The first fan letter I ever wrote to an author was to Teresa Medeiros after reading Breath of Magic. That book got me through a difficult personal time.

13) I buy myself Harry Potter as a very special treat.

14) There are some books I can read sections at a time and set it down and not pick it up for months. One of these is a fascinating book on Christianity in the Middle East called From the Holy Mountain by William Dalrymple.

15) If a friend recommends a book to me, I’ll go on Amazon, read the reviews just to glom information and buy it even if it has the worst reviews. I never pass on a book because of reviews. I just purchased Wicked because of a recommendation.

What fun this was! Now I’m tagging Cindy Cruciger, Stacey Klemstein and Patti O'Shea.


Stacey said...

All done! Thanks for tagging me, Bonnie : )


FerfeLaBat said...

Done! Whew. http://www.livejournal.com/users/ferfelabat/59911.html

Bonnie Vanak said...

Cool, guys! Great memes Stacey and Cindy!