Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Today's weather: Rain, wind

Rita is a hurricane, but we won't get much up here. I have a "snow" day, a "hurricane" day. Work closed. I'm home, playing and trying to keep writing. So I'm looking at photos of Colorado instead of the dreary rain outside my window. Here's the irony: I wrote in the cottage's guest

book, "What a welcome retreat for my weary soul
to escape from the never-ending conga line of hurricanes that keep hurling toward Florida."

And then I come home to... another hurricane. Sheesh. At least this one for me isn't going to be bad. Rita's belching up by me, not blowing wind.

Aspens were just starting to turn. The photo of me clutching my alpha smart is by Lily Lake, a quiet, peaceful lake off Route 7.


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