Saturday, September 03, 2005

News flash: Reinquest dies, CNN changes headlines on web page

CNN finally changed the headlines on their web site when Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist died tonight.

When all this is over and done with, you have to hand the media covering the Katrina disaster a medal. I mean, you have journalists, hard core reporters who have covered wars, watching people die in front of them, ferrying people to help, getting the word out, helping to reunite families. Telling us what's really going on. Those who say, "Oh, they're just being dramatic" are saying that to comfort themselves. There's no need to be dramatic when the drama is played out right before your eyes...

Some of those journalists are going to have emotional scars that will last a lifetime. They're human too. And thank God we live in a country with freedom of the press. If this happened in Cuba, the headlines would be, "Katrina gently brushes against coast, one or two may have stubbed their toes. Fidel blames US."

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