Monday, September 12, 2005

Good-bye Egypt

I realized today what a lousy blogger I am. I've been told by others you should blog to promote your books. All I do is talk about what's on my mind.

So let me talk about my books. Someone asked me this morning when my next Egyptian novel is coming out.

I told her, "It's not."

I've given up on any more Egyptian books. No news on that front. And you know what? I don't even really care anymore. I have no energy left to care.

What energy I do have left is reserved for a muscular 6- foot, 4", 220 pound male who shapeshifts. His name is Marcus. He keeps nagging, "Write me. I need to have sex now."

Marcus is going to have hot, wild sex in the first chapter. He's a character created as a result of Surrender the Night, my Ellora's Cave book being released later this month.

I want, no I NEED to get back to writing romance. Just for the fun of it. Not to sell a book, but to divert my mind from the angst of the day job. Which is why I started writing romance in the first place. I don't have a career, and never will, in romance writing.

But I do need to have some fun with writing. So, oh yeah, Marcus is going to have some hot, intense action between the sheets. Actually, not even. He's going to take the heroine on top of the sheets. She doesn't want him... He scares her. He's too big, too powerful and dangerous.

But once he peels off his shirt, hmmmm, she's changing her mind.

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Mary Stella said...

Wow, Bonnie. As much as I enjoyed your Egyptian books, this Marcus man definitely caught my interest!