Thursday, September 01, 2005

More post hurricane stuff

Found a great link if you want to help other than through Red Cross, etc. Like if you live in the area and want to help, or places that need donations of medical personnel, oxygen, etc. Or if you're searching for missing family members, friends. Or if you have a room you want to let out to a hurricane refugee. Found it through the comments section of the Smart Bitches blog.

Yahoo has a link for Network for Good. It lists Red Cross, Salvation Army AND organizations like Noah's Wish that help stranded/abandoned pets post storm. Check it out.

On a deeply touching note, if you want to read a personal account of this tragedy, check out writer Larissa Ione's blog. She left her cat at the vet's because he was sick and she had to evacuate in a hurry. The vet's office is flooded now, and she fears he may have drowned. Her home is flooded and she can't go back AND her horribly expensive hurricane insurance does NOT cover floods, so they've lost EVERYTHING.

Alison Kent and others are
doing an online auction to help her out. Here's the link to Larissa's blog:

God bless everyone suffering in this tragedy.

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