Saturday, September 10, 2005

Haiti photos

Decided to post more Haiti photos after all. I think it's therapy for me.

These girls we met at the flooded beachside swamp called Petite Anse. She's12 and looks after her sisters while her mom's at the market. Note the orange hair on the girl she's holding on her lap. It's a sign of protein deficiency.

The 12 year old was shy, but she talked with us. All the while she talked with us outside, she was picking at the chips of cement plaster on her home. Chip, chip, chip as she talked of how she hated living in this house and wanted a pretty concrete house. She told us she can always find food somehow, scavenge for it, but she could never afford to buy a new, pretty house. She's 12 years old and all she wants is a new house. Not a stereo, or clothing or cosmetics. Just a house.

Here's an interesting shot. Love the torpedo pointing directly at the mermaid on the boat.

This is one of the fishing boats we saw on our trip.

There are many boats, some submerged, along the coast. The submerged boats stay half-sunk, like ghost ships. Never remove. Some grow rust and weeds.

This is Petite Anse an hour after high tide. Some of the houses turn into small islands.

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