Saturday, September 03, 2005

News Flash! Black people helping out!

Okay yeah, I'm beginning VERY sarcastic. Read this post on Kate Rothwell's blog about a guy in N.O. who is helping rescue people from the flooded city. He has wonderful stories and I totally support his POV in spreading positive messages, but I find his tone in one entry condescending. "This was in a really rough neighborhood and we came across five seemingly unsavory characters."

He goes on to talk about how they risked themselves to save other people.

Well, guess what? Last year in Haiti when we tipped over into the flood waters in our Montero and were stuck for nearly an hour, guess who finally rescued us? The nice white UN boys? Nope. The black people.

See America, black people do save white people. Sheesh. It's pretty damn sad when someone like this dude, who is in the thick of things, saving lives, has to stop and make a point that all black people do NOT carry guns, loot stores (I'd loot a &#@*&# Walmart and carry off food, clothing and water too if I were stuck there! But NOT TV sets and the other stuff. Hello people? THERE IS NO ELECTRICITY!) and create havoc.

On a personal note, friend of ours down here in Florida is driving to Atlanta to get his parents. They used to live in New Orleans. They're homeless now. Mom and Dad coming to live with him.

On the bright side of things, we had dinner with friends tonight we sheltered last year during Hurricane Frances and did NOT talk about what's happening on the Gulf Coast at all. What a welcome break it was! And God bless Lt. Gen. Russel Honore in N.O. who is hustling others to move their asses and help those poor people. Can we clone him? Let's hear it for our military guys, who know how to respond to a crisis and can clear the way for relief trucks to arrive.

It's about damn time.

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