Saturday, January 23, 2010

Photos from Haiti

These are the Jamaican soldiers who guarded our convoy as it crossed the border from the DR to Haiti. Traffic was a real nightmare, but we made it. The cement for rebuilding has all been unloaded and safely stored at our warehouse.

While I still have internet, before we leave, I'm trying to post my pix. Ben just told me, "I'm going to go look for my pants." His pants were so dirty and smelled like "death," (he was downtown, where it is really bad, photographed the collapsed Cathedral where there still were bodies) he asked someone to wash them and they're out drying outside.

The main port is at 30 percent, which is good. There are 120 to 140 flights a day coming now into the airport, which is good news.

I loved this dude's Bob Marley bandana. Lots of people are wearing masks or bandanas. I'm not. There is no real stench, except in some areas of the tent cities because of lack of sanitation, and the buildings that have collapsed.
The dust is bad, but tolerable. I've visited Haiti for 16 years and the dust is the worst. Usually it's just cooking fires and exhaust in the city.

Funny, I brought this little netbook with me to work and blog at FFP's site, and to write when I can. I did work a little on the book due in May while I was on the plane. Haven't written a single word since, and doubt I will until I get home.
Good thing I had pushed back that deadline. It's hard to think about werewolves and love scenes amid death and destruction.

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