Saturday, January 16, 2010

Food For The Poor distributes aid

God bless Clement and our staff in Haiti. They've suffered through this tragedy, many themselves have lost family and friends, and they're on the front lines, distributing aid. This is an Associated Press article posted tonight that mentions distribution from our warehouse in PAP:

"Outside a warehouse, hundreds of desperate Haitians simply dropped to their knees when workers for the agency Food for the Poor announced they would distribute rice, beans and other supplies."

They started praying right then and there," said project director Clement Belizaire. Children and the elderly were asked to step first into line, and some 1,500 people got food, soap and rubber sandals until supplies ran out, he said."

Here is the link to the article itself: Click here

Clement is a wonderful guy. I've traveled with him to Cite Soleil, in fact, he arranged for us to tour the slum to find stories and that's where we found a wonderful woman who had found an abandoned baby, took him into her home to care for him, got adoption papers through the police station, and despite her own poverty and her own need, treated him as her son with lots of TLC.

Hang in there Clement and everyone. You've got lots of people cheering you on from the States, and I'm one.

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