Sunday, January 10, 2010


Florida is experiencing its longest cold spell in a long, long time. Last night it dropped to 35 degrees. Now, in the afternoon, it's still barely 50 and the wind is blowing hard.

I feel sorry for the tourists who came here thinking they'd get a nice, sunny tropical experience.

Found out that Holiday with a Vampire III, my December anthology, is sold out at Harlequin. This makes two of my recent Harlequin books that sold out (Immortal Wolf is the other).

Now I need to get cracking on the next book, and write, as soon as my fingers thaw.

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Gillian Layne said...

Are you here? Are you home? I about had a stroke thinking of you in Haiti when I saw the news a minute ago.

So terribly sorry for those people, but really hoping you are all right.