Saturday, January 16, 2010

Great news and a plea for medical supplies from Haiti

Hi everyone, first great great news, my friend Catherine Hermantin and her sister Nathalie are ok! A relative posted on her FB page that their house was damaged, but they are safe.

Thank God.

Next, I wanted to pass along some information. I can't access my organization's blog right now, which I've been updating, but we received word from Haiti and a call for specific types of medical supplies needed. I'm hoping someone will read this, pass along the word and get donations (talking large quanties, pallets) to Food For The Poor. For those who don't know about Food For The Poor, the organization I work for, we've had a large presence in Haiti since about 1986 and have offices and a warehouse close to the airport. That area is running on generators and we are getting items out to deliver. One of our staff from Florida yesterday told us the workers loaded a 10,000 gallon water purifer to be delivered to the Red Cross.

This is what we do... we not only run feeding programs on our own, and have four orphanages and an elderly home we operate, but we distribute supplies to where they are most needed.

This is an email we received from one of our board members in Haiti:

Last night I delivered all of the medical supplies and equipment we had to CitiMed hospital in Petion Ville. I am going back to the office to send a few trucks of food to the feeding centers.

I sat down last night with a group of doctors in the hardest hit areas and this is what they desperately need (please forgive the spelling):

Anti-Tetanus Serum
Ceftriaxone Injectable
Cephalosporine in pills
Diclofenac injectable and in pills
Cortisone injectable (Dexamethazine)
Dopamine/dobutamine/adrenaline injectable
Solutes R/L NACL 0.9% (they need as much as this one as possible as there is none on the market)
Solutes- NACL 0.45%
Solutes DNS D/W 5% D/W10%
Intracath 18-20-22
Seringes 5cc 10cc
Catheter Folley 16 and urine bags
suture kits
wound dressing kits
sterile gauze (4X4 compress)
Betadine, povidone iodine (liquids)
rubbing Alcool
Ciprofloxacine iv’s (antibiotics)
Retronidazole ivs (antibiotics)
Surgical Gloves (medium and large)
Digital X-Ray Machines (most have been destroyed in the quake)
Lidocaine injectable
Ketamine Hydrchloride (anesthesia)
Isoflurane (anesthesia)
Adhesive 2” -4” 6”
Material for Casts

There are UN flights going in daily. I went to a hospital in Delmas yesterday and I found a young doctor (probably an intern) crying. She had more people dead than alive in the yard...

Anyway, thanks for all you are doing...

Blessings to all...


For more information on Food For The Poor, visit You can check out the organization's finances and other info and make an online donation.

Thanks to all who kept Catherine and Nathalie in their thoughts and prayers, and the country of Haiti, and all those who are helping.

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