Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Decided I'm having entirely too much fun with Ferfela to post in my own blog. She has an interesting "outing" on Amazon reviewers.

In other news, hurt my back. Wrenched a muscle. Putting up fencing with DH. More hurricane repairs. It hurt so much I could barely breathe. Thank you, insurance company, for stalling our claim so we have no money to hire someone to do it ourselves. Can I put in a claim for painkillers now?



FerfeLaBat said...

Poor, poor baby. Rest. Get better. Write a comedy for me. ;-)

Mary Stella said...

Damn! No more fencing for you, unless you're using foils and researching a book!

Bonnie Vanak said...

I have written a comedy. It's called an insurance claim form. Ha ha ha!

Hey Mary Stella. :::snort::: Yeah, you got me. Damn fencing! Ah, that I would take up jousting instead and doth suffer no injuries!