Monday, January 30, 2006


Dorchester has previews of upcoming books I'm anticipating. If only I had time to read...sigh. Still have oodles of books in my TBR list. Two books I want are Pamela Clare's SURRENDER and Jennifer Ashley's Penelope and Prince Charming. Check them out.

Been busy writing Fatima and Tarik's story. She's evolved as a strong character with a determination equal to his. She wants to be a warrior and his Guardian. He wants her as his lover.

She wants to be at his right side, protecting him.
He wants her naked, beneath him.

So much is going on that my dreams are getting bizarre. Last night Tarik and Fatima made love in the condo we're going to list on the market soon, after we renovate it. Then the sheikh, his dad, comes home and Tarik hides in the shower while Fatima hides in the smashed Florida room that needs rebuilding. Tarik looks at the shower, hoping he's not caught and pulls aside a curtain that resembled a yard sale reject. He's thinking the bathroom needs sprucing up as he's shrinking into the shower.

I really do need a vacation when my characters are thinking about my state of home repairs.

Last week I discovered Tarik's weakness - her strength, which will make for the book's drastic turning point. The book is coming together nicely and I'm having fun writing it. Wrote 12 pages this weekend, not a lot, but I also cut and edited as well. Progress. This in between doing three giant loads of laundry, cleaning the house, a train party at a friend's house all day Saturday, and fighting a nasty head cold threatening to surface.

Guatemala all next week. Already I'm exhausted thinking about that trip. Three hour car rides at the crack of dawn to misty, far-away places of poverty.

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