Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Haiti is too dangerous

This is a photo of me with girls from one of our Haiti orphaanges.

I'm heading for Guatemala next month. Haiti is too dangerous. They just released a captive, thank God, who was one of our people in Haiti. Kidnappings are getting crazy. They'll stop your car on the street, whisk you away to Cite Soleil and there you go. Kidnap central. They're kidnapping poor people as well. Some they torture with boiling water.

Sigh... Elections postphoned next month, too. I love that crazy, insane country. But will it ever be any better? I guess all I can do is think about the positives, like the kids we are raising, the ones we've saved.

Think about anything else and you go nuts. Like missionary "Mama Carol" Herget (who died of cancer) once told me. "Haiti is too big. You draw a circle around an area and those are the ones you help. It's all you can do. You can't save everyone."



FerfeLaBat said...

Unfortunately, every thirty years or so, when a middle class emerges -- educated and prospering -- the poor masacre them. This has been the pattern there since Napolean lost control of Haiti. With no one set up to do legitimate business, chaos reigns. Chaos is good for smuggling so it is in the best interests of the smugglers to rile the poor up against the defenseless middle class and kill them. I have pondered the Haitian history, religions and current economy and see no end to it. Nothing short of France invading and taking control by extreme force will "fix" the downward spiral. Or, allow the drug cartels to take it and battle amongst themselves until one of them wins. Aristide was their best hope for a clear cartel winner and we removed him.

Allow those who can to immigrate here legally. Leave what's left to the dogs. Their natural resources are gone. Nothing left to salvage but the people who can be salvaged.

Can I go to Guatemala with you?

Matt said...

Great Blog :)

I invite you to come visit mine.



FerfeLaBat said...

What's up with Matt? Not a big talker is he?

Bonnie Vanak said...


Interesting view you have on Haiti. I agree there looks like no end in sight. Let the drug cartels take over? Hmmmm. Did I ever tell you the story of the peasant in the northern section who saw a package of pure coke drop from the sky, thought it was bread and baked it. People's lips were going numb from eating raw coke.

Shades of "The Gods must be crazy."

Come to Guatemala with me. We'll comb through the markets looking for fabrics and drink coffee in the cafes and muse about the state of the world. Or the state of the union. Both need lots of help.

FerfeLaBat said...

Oh I've hear THAT before. My friend Vonna Sue was haggling down the price of wool place matts once in Nogales, Mexico. She asked the vendor what it would take to get him down to $4 per place matt. He said he wanted ME. She said, "Deal!" Paid him the $$, grabbed the place matts and was heading on to the next stall as I was being dragged down the street to the brothels. True story. I could not make shit like that up. It took half an hour to convince him she was kidding ... I think. Vonna Sue was always serious about her home decor.

FerfeLaBat said...

pardon the typos. Long day. Man I would love to go to Guatemala. Every time my husband goes Guatemala ends up with a new president.

Bonnie Vanak said...

Only $4 for you? Or did she get four place mats? That would get your price up to $12. Wow. Just think of what it would be if Vonna Sue wanted something really expensive, like Mexican pottery. Or what if you went into a restaurant and you got traded for a steak?

Would that make you part of the "meat market?"

The last time I took a long trip to Guatemala, we went to this arid area and drove to the top of a mountain. Kept driving and driving and when we finally got to the top I fully expected to see little green aliens landing there.

I bet Vonna Sue could have gotten lots more for you up there on alien mountain. Maybe even $5 per placemat.


FerfeLaBat said...

Sadly my value has gone down with age. I am certain I am only worth 10% off one of the four placemats, now.