Thursday, January 05, 2006

Win my book

I really don't understand someone selling a USED copy of my first book for more than $100. But it is out of print.

But someone charging nearly $20 for a copy of The Cobra & the Concubine? When you can order it new or pick it up at BAM still (I was told it's on the shelves still, though it's a May release) for only $5.99?

What kind of copy is it? Not signed. Does it have gold-leafed pages?

It angers me to see those kind of prices for my books (has nothing to do with the fact I'm not making money off it, hells bells I would not even sell one of my copies for that much!) ItI know how frustrating it is as a reader to want to read a book and be unable to find it at a decent price. Like FAIR BAY, the kids book I desperately want to buy, can't afford because the rare copies are too expensive.

I write books as an escape for myself and hope to provide readers the same. I understand business is business but come on people! $20 for a book that's still in print or you can get from the library?

So I'm offering a contest to win a FREE, personally autographed copy of The Cobra & the Concubine. I'll even pay for postage. Just send an email to me, I'll announce the winner on February 14, Valentine's Day. Your own copy. Pfffffftt to the people charging $20.

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