Tuesday, January 31, 2006


I’m having fun writing The White Falcon. Wrote another four pages last night. Not bad. Wrote the scene where Fatima dances in the moonlight, drawn by the exotic beat of Tarik’s darbuka. Then they have almost nooky in the sand. Sacrificed an hour of writing time to catch up on zzzzzz’s. Feel so much better today. This morning got an idea for a scene where Fatima goes hunting. Wrote for 15 minutes to get the gist of the scene, went to work.

My new toy, the Sharp M4000, is making life easier. Powers up fast, battery life lasts for 5 hours, and it weighs only 3.7 pounds. Full sized keyboard, too, a must. Most light notebooks have cramped keyboard. Taking the Sharp to Guatemala to next week so I can write in the hotel.

Holding my breath on The Panther & the Pyramid’s cover. My editor wrote the back cover copy, and production is working on cover art. News flash: I hated the cover to The Cobra & the Concubine. The warrior looked like he escaped from a circus tent and the shield resembled an RV hubcap. The horse looked nice. But readers told me they loved the cover. So I vowed to never complain about covers again.

Then I read Paperback Writer’s blog about a sci fi writer who bragged about how his book cover features his testicles.

Breathe sigh of relief Dorchester isn’t into testicle art. I’ll take an RV hubcap wielding circus tent warrior any day over dangly male parts.

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Mary Stella said...

Your stories are always so mysteries, exotic and intriguing!