Monday, January 23, 2006

Jesus, toilets & poetry

So I'm at work today, writing about toilets, showers and Jesus.

See, I'm writing a project about sanitation blocks, which have toilets and showers. And I'm trying to get a spiritual angle on it, which is hard, but I managed. Spirit of community, fellowship, stuff like that. Jesus and the last supper and fellowship and love one another. But today writing was a real struggle. My mind is going 10,000 different directions at once. I couldn't finish the last paragraph.

I'm thinking it sounds too weird, the connection between Jesus and toilets. Then as I'm desperately shiting, er, I mean shifting words, I'm thinking about toilet blocks and latrines. My Khamsin warriors pop into my head. I start thinking about how my warriors have sanitation blocks in the desert. Maybe Tarik and Fatima dig new latrines. Very romantic. Not. But toilets are essential to communities. Which gives dignity to the poor. Which brings me back to helping the poor by building toilets and there's the Jesus angle again, if you love your fellow human beings who have to worry about disease and their kids getting typhoid, you'll help them by building toilets. Which brings me back to love. Does digging a latrine demonstrate your love for someone? If Tarik and Fatima dig latrines together, are they bonding in love? And back to community and bonding and the spirit of fellowship. Jesus again. Did our Lord ever scratch his head as he looked at his disciples and say, "Oy. Don't you guys GET IT yet? How many times must I say it? Love one another. Hello? It's not that complicated."

I finally did finish that paragraph and turned in the project. And then I'm reading
Alison Kent's blog where she's talking about writing and poetry and how to make your sentences snappy. I'm admiring her. Because Alison Kent has a clear enough mind to think about sentence structure and making it so lovely, while here I am struggling with latrines and Jesus while Egyptian warriors pop into my head and swirl about like a sandstorm in the desert where they bond happily ever after in the human dignity of fellowship and happy toilets.

I think I need a vacation...

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